Brandy Rayana Norwood, a singer, an actress, a mentor
Brandy is a very determined, hard-working young lady. With two platnium albums to her name, 1 feature film, 1 T.V. Movie and one in the making, a high-rated weekly T.V. Show, and a great modeling carrer, Brandy has know where to go but up.
Her contribution to the field of entertainment has not only made her a well-known name both nationally and internationally but has helped her become a mentor to Thousands of fans nation-wide.
Brandy has a beautiful voice that is strong-yet-soft and her dream to be as good as her mentor Whitney Houston is just a look back in the past.
I created this page because Brandy is my mentor. Even though I'm a guy, she's everything I want to be. Music wise, acting wise, and modeling wise. This page is dedicated to my Girl Brandy. You go Girl. Thank you.

Brandy: The Singer
This is Brandy winning 4 Lady of Soul Awards and breaking the record. No one has surpassed her yet. One of her favorite groups Destiny's Child came close. But they didn't win it. That's what happens when you have a killer debut album. Her debut album "Brandy" sold an over-wellming 4 million albums and then some. This is what we call Quadruple Platnium. Her new sophomore album "Never Say Never" isn't far behind either. This album went Double platnum the second week it dropped. How ironic is it that she is starring in a movie in May with Diana Ross called Double Platnium. But we'll get to that latter. The past is the past though. She is currently getting rave reviews for her new album "Never-Say-Never. Half of the songs she wrote entirely by herself and the other half were co-written by herself as well. Not impressed yet? She helped co-produce most of the songs on the album as well. The smash album(which includes the number-one hit of the year,"The Boy is Mine" the upbeat urban song "Sittin' On Top of The World" the fat-tempo in your face song "Angel in Disquise" and the current number one song "Have You Ever") has hit the nation by storm and they're still bopping there heads to the popular songs. Along the list of her famous-celebrity friends are the legendary group Boyz II Men, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Mase, Ce-Ce Winnans, Patti LaBelle, Puff Daddy, Lil'Kim, Celine Deion, of course her brother Ray-J, and many more. Yes Brandy is indeed a super-star who diserves what she earned. Breaks didn't come easy to this Girl. Questions? Comments E-mail me. My links at the bottom of the screen. Thanks for reading.


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What was Brandy's character name in the movie?
Brandy: The Actress
Does this picture look fimilar? It's probably because you (And 60 million other people) were watching this talented young lady as she played Cinderella in Febuary on ABC along with Whoopi Goldberg, Victor Garber, Natalle Dessele, Veanne Cox, Jason Alexander, Bernadete Peters, and of course, her mentor, Whitney Houston. This isn't a first for Brandy though. She's had her fair share of acting in such movies as Arachnophobia and Demolition Man to were if you blink, you miss her. But this time, this Girl is known both on the silver screen and on T.V. It's somebody else's turn to be in the lime light for a millisecond. Even in her first feature film "I Still Know What you Did Last Summer" her acting abillitys were supreme. Her series "Moesha" in which she has the title roles talkes about an urban family struggling through teen-hood and adolecences with Moesha Mitchell and younger brother Miles. The rave reviews of Brandy's acting skills are nothing short of impressive. In May, she will be releasing a movie on her own production company called Double Platnuim which stars Diana Ross. Bransy is a great actress. There's no mistake about that.
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